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    The Official Training Script



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    The Official Training Script

    Post  Admin on Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:09 am

    If the color of the text is red DO NOT SAY IT!

    Please arrange in the middle row of seats.
    Hello and welcome to the official NSA training. My name is ______ and I shall be your trainer today.
    I request no AFKing, talking, moving, or any questions unless asked.

    Wait for a response

    First we will go over the rules you will need to follow working in the NSA Base.
    1. NEVER ask for pay, promotions or rights.
    2. Always call higher ranks sir or ma’am
    3. NEVER use effects/dances in the NSA Base
    4. Always follow the Habbo Way (No racism, foul language, etc.)
    5. NEVER double job.
    Are the rules clear?

    Wait for a response

    There are some commands you will need to know in your time in the NSA.
    These commands are: BTB, FTF, FTB, AE, F&C and Attention!

    Let us start with FTF:
    FTF will be given to a member when there is a spare desk and is short for Fill The Front.
    This command orders the receiver of the command to go fill the front desks and assist people
    wanting to join or come back to work. This area is right at the front of the HQ.

    Now for FTB:
    FTB will be given to you if you are just standing around doing nothing. It is short for Fill The Back and orders you to go to the bottom-right corner of the base.

    And BTB:
    BTB will be given via invite by your NSA HR+ friends and is short for Back To Base.
    It orders you to come back to base. Immediately, with no exceptions.

    Now F&C:
    F&C will be given when are (possibly) getting promoted and is short for:
    Front and Center. This command orders the receiver to stand right in front of the CoA,
    face then, wave and say “Yes, Sir/Ma’am.”

    Now for AE:
    AE will be given after the F&C/Attention! message has been received by you.
    It is short for At Ease and says you can resume what you were doing before you were
    called for F&C or Attention!

    And finally, Attention!:
    Attention! is the final command and will be given to any group of people that the caller has to talk to. It orders you to stand 1 space in front of the seat and wave.

    There are these raid commands you need to know as well. ETF and LBN

    We shall start with ETF:
    ETF will be given to all the FTFers and is short for Empty The Front.
    This command’s name speaks for itself. It commands you to empty the front desks.

    And last, LBN:
    LBN will be given to EVERYONE in the base. It orders them to leave the base…
    IMEDIATELY. You may only come back when the BTB ‘Okay’ Sign is given via invite by a President+.

    Not following these orders in a real command situation would be risking demotion.
    Are there any questions about any commands?

    Wait for a response

    We will now begin testing. I will call out a command and would like you to do the action.
    BTB! (Middle)
    Call everyone up for F&C!
    Now the raid commands.
    ETF! (Back Row)
    LBN! (Very Back)
    Please now whisper me at least 3 NSA Rules.


    When you are let back into the HQ, you will have to FTF.
    By doing so we go to a front desk and work by recruiting or letting in existing members.
    If there are no spare desks at the front, I ask you to please FTB.

    Recruiting People
    We recruit people by asking them first “Would you like a job?”
    If they say “Yes.” we ask them to change their motto to [NSA] Agent
    After that, we ask them to join the NSA Badge on the wall piece in the lobby.
    After they have joined the NSA Badge, we ask them to favorite it.
    Once they have BUM correct we let them in to be trained, by pulling the lever.
    Remember: Their motto must be exactly [NSA] Agent and they must have the NSA Badge on.

    Wait for a response

    Letting Existing Members In
    We let existing members into base: Agents, Security Personnel, Trainers, HRAs, HRs, TMs, Presidents, OOAs and Founders.
    We let those people into base but, for us to make sure they are our staff, we check their badge.
    If it is not made by JonoSlight then it’s fake but if it is, they can come in.
    Any Questions?

    Wait for a response

    Congratulations! You have all passed.
    Please change your motto to: [NSA] Agent I [yourtag]
    Please note the I is a Capital i, not a 1 or a Lower Case L.
    And Attention! when you are done.

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